Internship (We currently have no open positions)

Students participate in and learn about the design, development, evaluation and testing of electro-mechanical motion control systems, specifically Inertial Guidance Test Systems and Flight Motion Simulators. Inertial Guidance Test Systems are used to test and calibrate navigation instruments and sensors, whereas Flight Motion Simulators are used to emulate missile flight via Hardware-In-The-Loop simulations.

Electrical Engineering and Automatic Control Engineering

  • Electrical design of drive systems
  • Servo control
  • Integration and testing of motion simulators
  • Installation and testing at customer sites


Mechanical Engineering

  • Mechanical design of drive systems
  • Static and dynamic calculations
  • 3-D CAD, FEM analysis
  • Fluid mechanics and hydraulics


Hardware and Software Developers

  • System software, drivers and applications
  • Embedded software
  • Work with real-time systems
  • Industrial bus systems



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