Our Heritage

Including work done by its predecessor companies Fecker and Goerz Optical, ACUTRONIC has accumulated close to a century of experience in motion simulation technology. Over the last 50 years, ACUTRONIC, CARCO Electronics (purchased by ACUTRONIC in 2005), and the Contraves Goerz Corporation (purchased by CARCO in 1996) have delivered several thousand systems, of which over 1000 are still serviced by ACUTRONIC today. Almost 100% of the Hardware-In-The-Loop systems worldwide delivered over the last 50 years have been designed and built by ACUTRONIC and CARCO Electronics.

ACUTRONIC introduced the world’s first digital real-time motion controller, the ACUTROL®2000, in the 1990s. This tradition was continued with the introduction of the ACUTROL®3000 and 3000e digital motion controllers.