Our customers use ACUTRONIC motion simulator equipment to ensure the precise functioning of Inertial Navigation Systems that are installed on board commercial airliners, jet airplanes, and helicopters. They make use of our Inertial Guidance Test Systems (IGTS) during development, production, calibration, inspection and servicing of gyroscopes, accelerometers, complete Inertial Reference Units (IRU), Inertial Navigation Systems (INS), or Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS). Key customer requirements that must be satisfied are high rate stability, high rate accuracy, precise positioning, and close reproduction of the real environment. This generally demands the use of two- or three-axis precision simulators in a wide range of configurations, either with or without temperature chambers and fitted with the ACUTROL®3000e, the industry standard real-time digital controller. 

Typical simulator types

Typical end use of tested units

  • Manned and unmanned airplanes
  • Helicopters