Space grade technology items are faced with particularly challenging demands concerning reliability and environmental conditions. Rigorous testing of such devices is therefore a must. Customers stand to benefit from ACUTRONIC's experience with testing components and systems. Inertial guidance systems and AOCS (Attitude and Orbital Control Systems) components, such as Inertial Reference Units (IRU) or optronic equipment (e.g. star trackers, sun sensors), may be tested and calibrated with the help of ACUTRONIC motion simulators for Inertial Guidance Testing (IGTS). ACUTRONIC motion simulators are equally effective at addressing the need for HardWare-In-the-Loop (HWIL) testing, i.e. verification on the system level. Such simulators may be equipped with either a thermal vacuum chamber or a temperature chamber for reproducing the harsh environment of space.

Typical simulator types

Typical end use of tested units

  • Launch vehicles
  • Spacecraft