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Nationaler Zukunftstag "Mädchen-Technik-los!"

November 18, 2014

Sieben interessierte Mädchen und ein Junge nahmen am 13. November 2014 am Nationalen Zukunftstag "Mädchen-Technik-los!" teil.

Example of Use for the AC1120s rate table

October 21, 2014

ACUTRONIC presents an example how to use the commodity product AC1120s for a GPS simulation.

Finished Case Study of Angular Vibration Table 105-AVT

October 13, 2014

Unique characterization with an Angular-Vibration-Table has been finialized in cooperation with a partner.

ACUTRONIC awarded status of Authorized Exporter

October 30, 2013

As of October 1st 2013 ACUTRONIC can offer its customers additional support to facilitate and speed up customs clearance in the following markets: European Community, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Singapur, Republic of Korea, Ukraine, Japan, Norway.
In close cooperation with Swiss customs authorities and its suppliers ACUTRONIC put a process in place to validate the Swiss origin of its goods. As Nadja Bacchini, Export responsible of ACUTRONIC, commented: "We are very proud to be able to further improve the customer experience at ACUTRONIC by facilitating import clearance in the customer markets."

40 years of Acutronic - still going strong!

October 20, 2013

"40 years of Acutronic - still going strong!

Thomas W. Jung, the owner of Acutronic, was proud to invite the entire staff and the Board of Directors to celebrate 40 years of Acutronic to a gala dinner.

The culinary theme was BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) and so, every course had its own little country sponsor. In addition to these culinary pleasures Thomas also "served" food for thought.

He reflected on Acutronic's legacy and rich history but also expanded on the future of our company. To symbolize the development of the company a renowned artist, formerly notorious street sprayer, created in a live performance a colourful, dynamic interpretation of Acutronic after 40 years.

It was a memorable evening!"

© by Nadja Bacchini & Nick Wälli

40 years of ACUTRONIC - still going strong!

August 29, 2013

By: Nick Wälli, CEO

When teams from ACUTRONIC Olten and Bubikon head into the world to install huge and powerful hydraulic simulator support equipment also needs to be transported. For this purpose, ACUTRONIC uses its own 6m container. “The more we are doing this, the better we are getting at it”, says highly experienced Head of Production, Balz Niklaus, proudly. In order to document 40 years of professionalism we have redesigned the interior and repainted the container in the traditional ACUTRONIC colours. (More to come)

ACUTRONIC at MAKS with Medwedew

August 29, 2013

By: Nick Wälli, CEO

ACUTRONIC is participating at the Moscow Air & Space Show (MAKS 2013) and shared a booth together with its local partners Davia and EMT.

So it didn’t come as a surprise that Russian Prime Minister Medwedew passed by on the Opening day to catch up on the latest developments … actually, he went to see a big multinational aerospace company however, we were all there, as the picture nicely shows!

40 years of ACUTRONIC - still going strong!

July 19, 2013

Mid summer celebration of 40 years of ACUTRONIC

By: Nadja Bacchini, ACUTRONIC Switzerland Ltd

The 14th of June 2013 was the day we celebrated our 40th anniversary. Almost 40 people from Bubikon took the coach to visit our colleagues at our production facility in Olten.

ACUTRONIC’s CEO, Nick Wälli, welcomed all participants and took the opportunity to send the staff on a tour of the premises to answer some tricky questions about the various simulators in progress. The finishers received a Caipirinha drink at the end of their hard work and the winners of the contest were felicitated on top with a prize.

Our Oltner production site was transformed into a beautiful outdoor restaurant. After a lavish dinner we boarded the coach once more. This time the destination was: Karl’s Kühne Gassenschau. This open air spectacle called “Fabrigg” or factory in Swiss German, a mixture of musical and technical circus, was fully enjoyed by everyone.

It was great to commemorate 40 years of ACURONIC in our own “Fabrigg” in such an entertaining way.

40 years of ACUTRONIC – still going strong!

April 11, 2013

Forty years ACUTRONIC – founded Feb 9, 1973

By: Leo Marxer, Founder of ACUTRONIC
ACUTRONIC was founded in 1973; how did you come up with the name “ACUTRONIC”?

The name had to serve multiple purposes; to be on the front in an alphabetical listing as well as unique enough to qualify as a registered trade mark. ACUTRONIC is a fusion of Accurate and Electronic. Precision mechanical assemblies are integrated with advanced electronic. Even today, 40 years later, it is still very descriptive.

What were the big topics when you founded ACUTRONIC in 1973?

The end of the Apollo program in the USA in the early seventies led to restructurings allover in the aerospace industry. At the same time driven by strong national motives European countries were keen to build up their own capabilities. The inability of the predominating American Motion Rate Table suppliers to customize their products to local needs (i.e. local manufacturing, metric, customer support) created a great window of opportunity for ACUTRONIC. Subsequently, ACUTRONIC Switzerland founded subsidiaries in France, Germany and the UK.

Where do you see the biggest contrast in the business life of 1973 and today?

Certainly the ease to communicate with customers. As a start-up company ACUTRONIC had no telephone. To get into contact with foreign customers required a lot of organization. We had to pre-announce our international calls, drive to the Post office for telex communication in the village and be “short and precise” because it was so expensive. Whereas today, you can skype on your smartphone whenever you want.

At the age of above 80 you still have many technical ideas you want to realize?

(Laughing). Technical challenges have always been a key driver in my professional life. When I arrived to the US in the early sixties I worked for Goerz Optical Co., amongst others famous for their telescopes. So now, I have decided to build a telescope all by myself; all the required parts are stocked at home … let’s see if I’ll find the time!

Innovation Award from MBDA

March 22, 2013

Exhibition / Event

By: Kevin Fisher, Business Development Mgr. HIL, ACUTRONIC Switzerland Ltd

The MBDA Germany Innovation Award and Technology Day was held in Schrobenhausen on March 7th, 2013.  One of the award winners was the ‘Industrial Product HIL’ from the EMIT Infra-Red Scene Generation development team.  Through ACUTRONIC’s long standing partnership with MBDA and the collaboration of marketing EMIT as part of the ACUTRONIC integrated Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) strategy, Colin Stevens, VP Sales, and the author were invited as honoured guests representing ACUTRONIC.

An audience of MBDA Germany senior management, award winners and external guests assembled in the auditorium.  Following addresses by both Mr. Homberg, Managing Director MBDA Germany, and Dr Stammler, Head of Operations MBDA Germany, each award winning team was invited on stage to be presented with their respective award from Dr Stammler.  The author received the award on behalf of ACUTRONIC.

This was a very prestigious event reflecting the importance that MBDA Germany has placed on the collaborative efforts between themselves and ACUTRONIC.  That ACUTRONIC has received this award also shows that we successfully put the need of the customer in the focus of our business strategy.

40 years of ACUTRONIC – still going strong!

February 09, 2013

Forty years ACUTRONIC – founded Feb 9, 1973

By: Thomas Jung, Chairman & Owner, ACUTRONIC Group
How did you get into contact with ACUTRONIC?

In life very often the right thing happens at the right time, you just need to seize the opportunity.  In 1995 we were living in Munich.  I was working at EADS and my wife wanted to return to Zürich.  And there it was: The chance to acquire this great Company.  So we moved back to Switzerland in 1996.

What do you like about ACUTRONIC?

At ACUTRONIC you never get bored!  But what I like best is to take up the challenge of supplying to our international customers tailor-made solutions and still be competitive.  That requires great team work.

What do you like particularly about your job?

I really love this cross cultural, cross barrier interface function as Chairman & Owner which creates a great identification with the Company, it’s all about customers and people.

What do you see as biggest challenge going ahead?

To navigate ACUTRONIC as a firmly rooted Swiss Company through these difficult times.  We have built up a great industrial and technical skill basis here, but we are challenged by the current economic environment.  I’m confident that we will master this well, as we have proven over the past 40 years. 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

December 19, 2012

We thank all our customers, suppliers & partners for their confidence that they placed in us during 2012.

May your holiday season and the coming year be filled with much joy, happiness and success.

Please note that our offices are closed from December 22nd until January 6th, 2013.

In urgent cases please contact our Customer Support by email

SBEIN Brazil

December 10, 2012

Exhibition / Event

By: Colin Stevens, VP Sales, ACUTRONIC Switzerland Ltd

ACUTRONIC were pleased to attend the VIIth Symposium of Brazilian Inertial Engineering (SBEIN) held in the Institute of Technology and Aeronautics (ITA), São José dos Campos – SP.

Continuing the tradition first established by our presence in the show in the year 2000, this year, together with our local representative Treffer, we were proud to be the main sponsors of the event, which culminated in ACUTRONIC and Treffer hosting a wonderful dinner evening to which all delegates and their partners were invited.


The technical papers presented were very impressive and prompted lively discussions by the participants during the intervals.

Space Days 2012

November 09, 2012

Exhibitions / Events

By: Hans Knut Raue, Sales Manager, ACUTRONIC Switzerland Ltd

"Switzerland is a space faring nation" said Mr. Edgar Spieler, Head Office of Labor & Economy at the Canton of Zurich during a talk on Nov 3, 2012. He spoke at the Space Days 2012, a yearly recurring event organized by the Swiss Space Association, that this year took place at the Technorama, a very popular technical museum, at Wintherthur (CH). 

Mr. Spieler's claim was supported with facts by him  and other speakers: space hardware such as missile payload fairings, satellite structural elements, rocket engine components, atomic clocks for navigation satellites, ground support equipment, specialized electrical motors, or space component test systems come from Switzerland. These items are sought after not only in Europe, but also in the US and in other space faring countries. This also applies to ACUTRONIC test systems for satellite components, one of which was exhibited during the event. Last but not least, the presence of the Swiss astronaut Claude Nicollier at the conference only confirms: "Switzerland is a space faring nation."

CIT Group of Minsk new ACUTRONIC agent in Belarus

October 19, 2012

Company News

By: Hans Knut Raue, Sales Manager, ACUTRONIC Switzerland Ltd

Starting in March 2012, CIT Group of Minsk is the new agent of ACUTRONIC in Belarus. CIT Group is internationally active since 2004 in the promotion of a wide array of technologies, among them fiber-optical gyroscopes and integrated optical sensors. Activities have started with a seminar in Minsk where the ACUTRONIC product line was presented to around fifty representatives of potential customers. 

New Motion Controller ACUTROL®3000e

September 26, 2012

Product News

By: Robin Hauser, Product Manager ACUTROL

ACUTRONIC is pleased to announce the latest evolution in motion controllers based on the successful ACUTROL® series. The ACUTROL®3000e builds upon the reputation of 600 ACUTROL®3000 systems already delivered. We have evolved the controller’s state-of-the-art technology and features to benefit the global ACUTROL® user community.

ACUTRONIC releases new Angular Vibration Table 105-AVT

March 16, 2012

Product News

By: Sascha Revel, Director of Sales, ACUTRONIC USA Inc.

With the new Angular Vibration Table ACUTRONIC specifically addresses the increasing needs of sensor manufacturers for angular vibration testing.

ACUTRONIC expands the range of the cost-effective 21-Series

March 08, 2012

Product News

By: Sascha Revel, Director of Sales, ACUTRONIC USA Inc.

In addition to its highly customized and proven high-end systems, ACUTRONIC is ready to serve customers with off-the-shelf, standardized and cost-effective 2-Axis rate tables.