1-Axis Angular Vibration Air Bearing Simulator Series AC150-AVAB

The Angular Vibration Air Bearing Model AC150 was designed to support the MEMS industry where oscillating the Unit Under Test at frequencies up to 2 kHz is required. Due to the specifications required, the table was designed incorporating an air bearing to avoid the wear on a standard ball bearing table. To achieve the requisite dynamics, the table also incorporates a high-torque, dual-winding motor and power amplifiers sized to match the motor dynamics.
Angular Vibration Table AC150


  • Low profile for high dynamics
  • Two accelerometers on axis
  • Motor-driven forced air cooling with fins to maximize heat dissipation
  • Both internal and external excitation to the ACUTROL®3000e


Data Sheet

Angular Vibration Air Bearing AC150-AVAB

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Controller ACUTROL®3000e

 Download (216 KB)


AC150 Angular Vibration Table

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