1-Axis Rate and Position Table simex®ONE

Customers may benefit from the modular design of the ACUTRONIC simex® series through the availability of a wide choice of options in terms of size, system performance and configurations. At the same time, modularity allows short lead times.
Single-Axis Rate Table Simex


  • Payload up to 40 kg
  • High rate accuracy and excellent rate stability
  • Options: different supporting stands, different diameters of standard table tops, temperature chamber, different standard sliprings for test data transmission and/or power transmission for unit under test
  • Commercial motion controller with host computer interface through CANopenBus or USB; graphical user interface (GUI) for system customization and command


Data Sheets

Rate Table simex®SERIES

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Medium Precision Centrifuges Series AC66

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Introducing the modular simex®ONE

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