The DCMS-SF-S-11-68-48 is a Dual Carriage Motion Simulator specifically dedicated to support Radio Frequency (RF) HardWare-In-the-Loop (HWIL) applications. The design of the DCMS is optimised for operational performance in a ‘free space’ anechoic chamber environment.
Dual Carriage Motion System DTMS-SF-S-11-68-48
The DCMS has two moving target platforms each mounted on a carbon fibre curved vertical rail.  The vertical rails are mounted on four curved horizontal beams enabling the vertical rails to traverse laterally across the horizontal beams.  The curved design allows the target platforms to be moved on a constant radius in both X- direction (horizontal) and Y-direction (vertical), thus ensuring that the RF target antennae mounted on the target platforms are always pointing to the axis intersection of a three-axis FMS upon which the customer Unit Under Test is mounted


  • Azimuth and elevation motion of two independent target platforms
  • Curved rail design ensuring a constant path length and high accuracy between Unit Under Test and Target Sources
  • Carbon fibre design for stiffness, low mass and reduced RF reflections
  • High dynamics and bandwidth optimised for HardWare-In-the-Loop simulation
  • Host computer interface through real-time ScramNet or VMIC Reflective Memory® with Ethernet (TCP/IP) and optional IEEE-488 for non real time applications; Graphical User Interface (GUI) for system customization and command, ACUTROL®3000e motion controller


Data Sheet

Dual Carriage Motion System DCMS-SF-S-11-68-48

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Dual Carriage Motion System DCMS-SF-S-11-50-50

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Controller ACUTROL®3000e

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White Paper: SPIE 2011

Novel distributed real-time control system

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DTMS for Hardware-In-The-Loop Test Facility

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Transportation with Antonov

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