Target Motion Simulators

Hardware-in-the-Loop (HWIL) Simulation

ACUTRONIC's '44 Series' Target Motion Simulators are specifically designed for the challenging test requirements and HWIL simulation of Radio Frequency (RF) missile systems, smart munitions, seekers and inertial systems.

The '44 Series' HWIL Target Motion Simulators are precision high dynamic systems custom built to exacting customer requirements and can be manufactured as a Single Carriage Motion Simulator (SCMS) or Dual Carriage Motion Simulator (DCMS). The carriages can move in both azimuth (X) and elevation (Y) directions and the customer target payload is mounted directly onto the carriage. Depending on the RF Target Generation and emission capability it is possible to have simultaneous multiple targets and jammers on each moving carriage. The SCMS and DCMS can be configured as linear or curved rail systems. In the linear configuration, it is also possible to provide a Z-Axis capability for forward and aft direction capability.

The '44 Series' Motion Simulators are hosted by our de-facto industry standard ACUTROL®3000e digital controller equipped with Real Time Reflective Memory interfacing to help ensure a high speed, low latency, deterministic simulation environment.

In addition to our Motion Simulators, ACUTRONIC has a proven track record in the provision of integrated HWIL System Solutions and can provide expert services ranging from HWIL advice and consultancy through to the provision of 'turn-key' HWIL Simulation facilities including the specification and supply of all associated sub-systems, communication architectures and host building infra-structure.

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