Erle Robotics Acquired By Acutronic Robotics In Push For Next Generation Robotics Solutions

October 31, 2016

Erle Robotics, S.L. (“Erle”), a start-up company incorporated in Spain’s Basque region, has been wholly acquired by Acutronic Link Robotics AG (“Acutronic Robotics”), a company incorporated in Zurich Canton, Switzerland and co-founded by J.A. Technologies AG (“J.A.T.”) of Zug, Switzerland (J.A.T. is the parent company of the ACUTRONIC Group, the global market leader in precision motion simulation solutions), Victor Mayoral (the Co-Founder and CTO of Erle), and Carlos Uraga (the CEO of Erle). J.A.T. holds a majority equity stake in Acutronic Robotics. Victor Mayoral and Carlos Uraga will manage the new company. The firm will operate from locations in Spain, Switzerland, and the United States.