New Product Line iMPULSE™ Motion Simulators

November 09, 2018

Building on 45 years of leadership in motion simulation, ACUTRONIC is proud to take inertial testing one step further, by releasing the all-new line of iMPULSE™ rate tables and its dedicated digital control system, the ACUTROL® iMPACT™.

The iMPULSE™ series provides robust, modular and flexible solutions that are perfectly suited to the needs of the modern industrial environment. These products are designed for the development and production of single and multi-axis inertial sensors and systems, whether consumer, automotive, or navigation grade.

Our tables are “Internet-of-Things” / “Industry 4.0”-ready and adapted to serve across a range of R&D or production environments. Customers can expect ACUTRONIC-quality at a highly attractive price point. Our quotes include installation of the system at the customer’s facility and an extended 3-year Warranty period on non-wear parts.

Systems usually ship within 4 weeks of receipt of order or export license (unless custom features are required).


 Datasheet_iMPULSE_TM_.pdf (393 KB)