New Product Line iMPULSE V-Series Vibration Test Systems V-35

For more than 45 years, ACUTRONIC, the market leader for dynamic test systems, has been offering high precision single and multi-axis rotary tables and centrifuges with the superior reliability and quality our Customer’s expect from a Swiss developed product.

Our expertise in this technology domain has been carried forward into the design and development of our V-Series vibration systems for environmental testing based on ACUTRONIC’s proven embedded technology within the iMPULSETM product line.

Accelerated Life Testing
Many mechanical, electric and electronic products have to endure and withstand extreme mechanical loads, shocks and vibrations over the product life-time and this is often the case for safety critical systems where there is no margin for poor quality, reliability or early life failure.

These products surround us and are part of our daily life from household appliances, automotive and rail transport, machines and systems in the manufacturing process, medical technology, chemical and pharmaceutical systems, aerospace, energy and military systems offer just a small example.

ACUTRONIC’s V-Series vibration systems provide a high performance, low cost platform for Accelerated Life Testing of components, sub-systems and systems through environmental simulation tests to ensure a high degree of robustness, reliability and quality for your product, whether this be during the development phase, for product qualification and validation or as sample tests for quality assurance.

Test Standards
International Test standards for Environmental Testing have been developed over decades, "hand in hand" with test equipment manufacturers, manufacturers and test Institutes. Examples below.

DIN EN 60068

General Standards for Environmental Simulation

IEC 68 3-3

Seismic Loads // Earthquake Simulation

ISO 16750

Loads for Road Vehicles

DIN EN 60721

Transport Load, Road Transport, Rail Transport,

DIN EN 61373

Loads for Rail Vehicles

UN 38.3.8 UN

Transport Load for Dangerous Goods // LI-ION Battery Systems


All MIL. Load Standards, for Land-; Air-; Marine-; Transport application


US Transportation Standards for Rail, Road, Air, Sea

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