Engineering Service

In addition to supplying motion simulation and test equipment, Acutronic offers engineering services that include characterization and testing of inertial and optical sensors as well as subsystems containing these sensors.

Acutronic’s Engineering Services offers users decades of inertial and optical testing expertise, data analysis and interpretation, and independent testing to provide objective performance of your products.

Acutronic’s complete turnkey solutions, include:

  • creation of test requirements/statements of work (SOW)
  • development of test plans and procedure requirements
  • design and procurement of mechanical fixtures (UUT interfaces, definition of mounting locations), electrical interfaces (connector, cabling and PCB design/layout)
  • supervised or unsupervised testing services
  • data analysis and test report preparation

An example of test services includes, but is not limited to:

  • performance-based sensor selection
  • validation/verification testing
  • qualification testing
  • long term performance testing
  • HASS/HALT Testing

Test results are provided to the customer in the form of a detailed report that may include data reduction and analysis, data modeling using Allan Deviation, bias and scale factor over temperature and similar tools.  Additionally, full test reports with tabular and graphical analysis of the data, raw data preservation, calibration, thermal and range calibration of the sensors and systems for bias, scale factor error (gain), misalignment, linearity and asymmetry (of inertial sensors), sophisticated least squares model determination, and verification of the proposed model.


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