iTS - inertial Test Solutions

The inertial instruments market is growing rapidly and has its own unique requirements when it comes to testing of these devices. ACUTRONIC provides inertial testing services and products designed for the specific requirements of the MEMS industry. We also offer equipment leasing.

Our inertial testing lab is equipped with a 3-axis and a 2-axis rate table, a vibration test system, a temperature chamber and a data acquisition system. The lab and equipment is available for rent on a daily or weekly basis. Soon, ACUTRONIC will also offer a suite of turnkey tests based on IEEE test standards, as well as tests developed in-house. This concept allows manufacturers to spend resources and energy on developing their device, rather than developing and maintaining customized test equipment.

Since its inception in 2010, the iTS Lab has proudly hosted a variety of companies and their sensors, ranging from a one-man startup operation to world-wide companies who are leaders in their respective fields. The sensor applications that they cover are just as wide, including:

  • Military applications e.g. virtual reality training
  • Aviation applications e.g. airborne camera stabilization
  • Industrial applications e.g. Surveying, constructions, agriculture
  • Transportation applications e.g. automatic train control & protection
  • Consumer applications e.g. handheld devices

Customer Benefits

  • Build and staff your own test facility with minimal capital investment
  • Reduce the number of design/test cycles through accurate and comprehensive data from each iteration
  • Experience faster time-to-market and lower development costs
  • Focus your resources on design and development of your device
  • Benefit from ACUTRONIC’s experience and inertial measurement expertise
  • Receive data analysis and interpretation


Data Security
A dedicated secure customer entrance allows 24/7 access to the facility, while access to the Lab is restricted to customers and designated ACUTRONIC employees only for customer assistance. A separate customer network restricts access to your valuable data and equipment. ACUTRONIC data storage and security procedures ensure that customers have full control and maintain confidentiality of all data. The iTS Lab supports removable hard drives and data encryption.