ACUTRONIC is the world leader in the development, design and manufacture of precision motion simulators for the aeronautics, space, defense, automotive and consumer industries. Motion simulators are used for testing and calibration of inertial sensors (e.g. gyroscopes and accelerometers), Inertial Navigation Systems, stabilized electro-optical systems, Electronic Stability Control systems as well as for simulating flight motion of missiles. 

Our product range extends from small, one-axis rate tables for the automotive industry, through three-axis motion simulators for flight motion profiling, up to five-axis Flight Motion Simulators (FMS) for the defense industry.

ACUTROL®3000e is the industry standard all-digital controller satisfying the most demanding requirements associated with precise motion control of such systems. 


Aeronautics   Defense   Space
    Inertial Guidance Test Systems (IGTS) for aircraft and helicopter equipment.       Motion profiling for air, sea, and land applications.       Testing of optronic devices and inertial guidance systems
Consumer   Automotive   Research
    MEMS inertial sensors are now used in a wide range of consumer electronics.       Testing of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) systems and airbag sensors.       Motion simulators for use in universities and research laboratories.


August 27, 2015
From family to family - New majority ownership of ACUTRONIC Group

After almost 20 years with Acutronic, Thomas W. Jung is pleased to announce the sale of a majority interest in Acutronic to the Aigrain family.

May 28, 2015

Acutronic USA Inc is pleased to announce the appointment of Robert Sanders to the position of Vice President, Sales & Marketing.


ION GNSS+ 2015 Conference in Tampa, FL on September 14-18

Acutronic USA Inc will be exhibiting at the upcoming ION GNSS+ 2015 Conference, to be held September 14-18 2015, at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida. ION GNSS+ is the world's largest technical meeting and showcase...