3-Axis Flight Motion Simulator Series AC371-2

The Flight Motion Simulator (FMS) AC371-2 is a high-performance, precision three-axis system designed to simulate realistic engagement scenarios by providing dynamic motion to the unit under test in all three axes while maintaining the required pointing accuracy.
3-Axis Flight Motion Simulator (FMS) AC371


  • Payload:
    13.75 in dia. x 43 in long
  • Range of motion:
    continuous Inner; ± 50 deg Middle; ± 45 deg Outer
  • Max rates (deg/sec):
    ± 1,440 Inner; ± 400 Middle; ± 400 Outer
  • Acceleration (deg/sec2) with 88 lbs payload:
    15,000 Inner; 6,000 Middle; 6,000 Outer

Flight Motion Simulator AC371

Data Sheet

Flight Motion Simulator AC371-2

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Controller ACUTROL®3000e

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3-Axis HWIL Motion Simulator

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