3-Axis Flight Motion Simulator Series HD756-3

The Flight Motion Simulator (FMS) HD756-3 is a high-performance, high-precision simulator used for test and evaluation of guidance and control systems. It will reproduce, in real time, the rotational transfer functions (flight profile) of the actual vehicle.
Flight Motion Simulator (FMS) HD756


  • Payload (rotates inside of temperature chamber on roll axis):
    7 in dia. x 70 in long; weight 110 lbs 
  • Range of motion:
    ± 120 deg Inner; ± 45 deg Middle; ± 45 deg Outer
  • Max rates (deg/sec):
    ± 600 Inner; ± 50 Middle; ± 450 Outer
  • Acceleration (deg/sec2) with payload:
    8,000 Inner; 9,000 Middle; 9,000 Outer


Data Sheet

FMS HD756-3

 Download (246 KB)

Controller ACUTROL®3000e

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