3-Axis Flight Motion Simulator Series S-450R-3

The Flight Motion Simulator (FMS) S-450R-3 is a closed gimbal, high-performance, three-axis electro-hydraulic simulator, used for test evaluation of small to medium-sized guidance and control systems. It will reproduce, in real time, the rotational transfer functions (flight profiles) of the actual vehicle.
Flight Motion Simulator (FMS) S-450R-3 (CARCO Electronics)


  • Payload:
    24 in dia. x 21 in long; weight 125 lbs
  • Range of motion:
    ± 120 deg all axes
  • Max rates (deg/sec):
    ± 700 Inner; ± 400 Middle; ± 200 Outer
  • Acceleration (deg/sec2) with payload:
    50,000 Inner; 25,000 Middle; 12,000 Outer


Data Sheet

Flight Motion Simulator S-450R-3

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Controller ACUTROL®3000e

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History of Motion Simulation

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