Radar Alignment & Positioning System Series P-465

The Radar Alignment and Positioning System (RAPS) P-465 is a four-axis positioning system used to orient an antenna or radome with respect to an external RF field.
Radar Alignment & Positioning System P-465


  • Optional synchronous roll (the fourth axis) can be used to maintain the polarization of the feed horn for systems installed in a compact range
  • A slow-motion clamp on the roll axis allows the roll axis to be finely positioned and locked for static testing
  • The aft dimension is manually adjustable from 10 inches to 60 inches to accommodate variously sized of UUTs
  • Accommodates dynamic testing of 13 in dia. x 26 in long payloads weighing 300 lbs and static testing of 70 in dia. x 60 in long payloads weighting 500 lbs


Data Sheet

Radar Alignment & Positioning System P-465

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Controller ACUTROL®3000e

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Boeing Dedicates New Test Facility for Next-Gen Radar Technology

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