1-Axis Rate Table Series AC1120 (customized)

These rate tables are intended for use during development, production, in-process testing, calibration and final inspection of inertial components, instrument and MEMS. This model provides a field proven and cost effective rotary stage solution when supplied without slipring.
Single Axis Rate Table AC1120
  • Max. payload mass 20 kg, table top diameter 250 mm
  • Mounting bracket for horizontal or vertical orientation (accelerometer testing)
  • Options: different supporting stands, different diameters of standard table tops, temperature chamber, different standard sliprings for test data transmission and/or power transmission to unit under test
  • Commercial motion controller with graphical user interface (GUI) for system customization and command


Data Sheet

Rate Table AC1120S-Tilt

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Rate Table AC1120S Series (Format A3)

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Rate Table AC1120S Series (Format A4)

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Rate Table AC1120S special

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3D Human Animation

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