1 Axis Motion Simulator Series AC117

The AC117 Motion Simulator is a cost-effective solution for testing MEMS based IMUs, gyros, and accelerometers. With its compact size, the system is a good solution for multiple functions.
Single Axis Rate Table AC117
  • Precise absolute positioning, high rate accuracy and good rate stability
  • Brushless direct drive motor
  • Sliprings available for data transmission from/to device under test
  • Host computer interface through, Ethernet; Easy ACL graphical user interface (GUI) for system customization and command
  • System is configured to be used in the vertical and horizontal axes
  • System is portable and can be moved by two personnel, no special floor mounting is required
  • Available with mechanical refrigeration systems as per AC117-TCM datasheet


Data Sheet

Rate Table AC117

 Download (215 KB)

Rate Table AC117-TCM

 Download (222 KB)