1-Axis Rate Table Series AC130

The AC130 Motion Simulator series rate/positioning table is the workhorse among the precision IMU, gyro and accelerometer Inertial Navigation Test Systems. The series was designed to be easily modified for adaptation to specific requirements. The system is designed around brushless motors and inductosyn/resolver feedback for the highest accuracy and performance.
1-Axis Motion Simulator


  • Mechanical or LN2 refrigeration options
  • Optional high speed applications up to 10,000 deg/sec; higher rates available able request. (High-speed systems recommended to be supplied with an imbalance monitor)
  • Slipring configurations include standard signal rings, power rings, RF rotary joints, fiber-optic rotary joints, high-pressure gas and liquids
  • Custom tabletop design including dual tabletops


Data Sheet

Rate Table AC130 Serie

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Controller ACUTROL®3000e

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