5-Axis Flight Motion Simulator S-595R-5E

The Series S-593R-5E Flight Motion Simulator (FMS) is designed for testing of hit-to-kill ballistic missile interceptors that have high closing velocities, extreme accuracy requirements and impulse control systems. It consists of a precision, high dynamic three-axis Missile Motion Simulator (MMS) and a precision two-axis Target Motion Simulator (TMS) mounted to a common base so that all five axes intersect at a common point.
5-Axis Flight Motion Simulator (FMS) S-595R-5E


  • Payload:
    21 in dia. x 25  in long interceptor weighing 250 lbs;  17 x 16 x 12 in target weighing 170 lbs
  • Range of motion:
    continuous Roll, Yaw, Pitch, and Azimuth; ± 90 deg Elevation
  • Max rates (deg/sec):
    ± 500 Roll; ± 300 Yaw; ± 300 Pitch; ± 100 Azimuth; ± 100 Elevation
  • Acceleration (deg/sec2) with payloads:
    8,000 Roll; 4,000 Yaw; 4,000 Pitch; 250 Azimuth; 250 Elevation

5-Axis Flight Motion Simulator

Data Sheet

FMS S-595R-5E

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Controller ACUTROL®3000e

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All electric 5-Axis Flight Motion Simulator and Target Motion Simulator

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