Dual Target Motion Simulator T-304

The Series T-304 Dual-Target Motion Simulator (DTMS) allows real-time simulation of dynamic airborne targets. When operated in conjunction with an ACUTRONIC three-axis flight motion table, the T-304 DTMS is an effective tool for Hardware-in the-Loop (HWIL) development, test and verification of RF missile seeker performance.
Dual Target Motion Simulator T-304 (DTMS)


  • Independent X-axis and Y-axis target motion control
  • Curvilinear rails provide spherical target positioning and motion over a 40 deg(azimuth) by 20 deg (elevation) area
  • Dual horizontal tracks provide target-crossing capability
  • High acceleration and velocity profiles for end-of-flight scenarios


Data Sheet

DTMS T-304

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Controller ACUTROL®3000e

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