A retrofit breathes new life into aging ACUTRONIC, CARCO, Contraves-Goerz, Benton, and other simulator equipment.

  • Update servo controllers and amplifiers
  • Update temperature controllers
  • Replace motors, bearings and sliprings
  • Replace transducers
  • Refinish/reconfigure gimbals

ACUTRONIC is the sole legal owner of all legacy intellectual property of CARCO Electronics, Contraves and Benton.

Refurbisment of a pre-used Contraves table


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phone: 412 926 1200
fax: 412 697 8111

Refurbishment Project

Refurb 1-Axis and 2-Axis Test Tables

Refurb Contraves System 53M-3B

Refurb Flight Motion Simulator

Refurb Contraves Centrifuge