The ACUTROL®3000e satisfies the most demanding requirements associated with precise motion control of such systems. It is the industry standard all-digital controller, specifically designed for optimum performance in one-axis rate tables, multi-axis motion tables and HWIL simulation systems. The controller architecture consists of a state variable feedback (SVF) servo system with rate and acceleration feed-forward. The ACUTROL®3000e encoding system can interface to various industry standard encoders including, high resolution optical encoders and the ubiquitous multi-speed Inductosyn® inductive coupled transducer to produce precise absolute position sensor measurement with a state observer to estimate and predict the rate and acceleration.


  • ACUTROL®3000e
  • Industrial PC architecture with PCI Express bus technology.
  • Linux based real time operating system.
  • Man-Machine-Interface through optional GUI computer.
  • Axis Interface Module (AIM) for each axis to be controlled.
  • Seamless Integration into Ethernet Networks with Remote control capabilities.
  • High performance real time process with digital servo frame rate of up to 10kHz